PostScript fonts

PostScript font format belongs to the first initiatives in the area of rendering fonts for both the screen and the printer in a user-friendly way. Namely, this technique was among the pioneers of scalable outline fonts, which main feature was keeping the smooth and jagged-free look of a font's characters if resized.

PostScript fonts exists in two variants: the widely used Type 1 (which supports hinting that is beneficial for the text appearance) and the less known Type 3 (which, however, allows complex designs). Unlike newer TrueType or OpenType fonts, the technology under description stores all the information in two separate files, one of which contains character metrics, and the second one includes its outlines. However, these two files are usually smaller in size than a single file of the mentioned TrueType font, for example.

Earlier computers required the installation of Adobe Type Manager, but modern operating systems do not need it to display PostScript font on the screen. It should also be mentioned that fonts of this format are not cross-platform, like their followers from the OpenType font class. That is why Windows PostScript font file cannot be used on the Macintosh platform and vice versa.

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