Retro fonts

Retro font category is among the most popular font families, frequently visited by the guests and registered users of Fonts2u – a leading font repository in the Internet with thousands of free fonts in multiple categories, styles, and formats.

The word retro is used to denote some particular styles or fashions, which were popular at some periods in the past. Retro font definition is used to describe a typeface, which mimics the typography trends from the past. Whenever it is necessary to reconstruct the atmosphere of the past days in some kind of designing project, whether it is a book, a newspaper, or a web site, retro fonts can become a powerful and efficient tool to reach the goal.

The retro fonts collection at Fonts2u includes over 1500 free fonts and this figure is still growing thanks to the regular updating of the font repository. Montepetrum font, featuring extremely condensed structure and thin strokes, Parsnip with a distinct look of some ancient script, and Brian James Condensed Bold font, which looks as if it is taken from the old newspaper headlines or theatre posters – these are only some representatives of retro font album, readily available at Fonts2u.

Bold, italic, condensed and expanded – there are multiple font options for you to browse and select the one (or as many as you want), which will become a perfect match for your particular application or designing project. Furthermore, thanks to sophisticated tools at Fonts2u, you can easily preview the full character map of any retro font as well as the full details of the chosen typeface. If you need more flexibility in searching for necessary fonts – make use of the extended search option, which allows to hunt for a font by specifying its target characteristics, such as weight, style, category, supported character map, etc.