Scary fonts

Sometimes it is necessary to create the atmosphere of scariness, creepiness, and fear. It is relatively easy to make it with the help of words, but in order to intensify the emotional picture it is recommended to use scary font to print or display the relevant text. As a matter of fact, the examples of scary font applications may include Halloween posters, thematic web sites related to horror films, or design of booklets and posters for alternative and metal music bands that really love making scary font a part of their corporate style.

One of the font categories, represented at Fonts2u free font repository, is fully devoted to different scary font variations. Kirkita font with its highly distorted edges and dirty backgrounds, Claw font with letters formed completely with claws, and Blood Crow with its slightly blood thirsty look - these are only a small part of scary fonts, offered by Fonts2u.

Generally speaking, there are many factors, which may influence the choice of the particular scary font: from particular font characteristics, such as width or format, to character map supported by it. Usually designers are very scrupulous when choosing a font for a particular project. Professional design and free license are also among important factors to consider.

After you have found the necessary scary font style, it is recommended to browse the characters included into its character map. This is necessary to avoid possible problems with text display on the later stages – your font should contain all the characters you are going to use in your project. If you are working with accented languages – check if the font supports accented letters and diacritic marks. Fonts2u offers a full range of tools and options to make the scary fonts choosing a convenient and efficient procedure. From browsing of the category and to downloading the necessary font, the whole process is intuitive and runs smoothly with Fonts2u.