School fonts

Indeed, every school font differs so much from another, like children at school. Everyone has some peculiar features and advantages, and looks like no other typeface. Some are neat and almost calligraphic, as if written by the most diligent and studious pupils; others are careless and slipshod, as if produced by a hand of somebody who is always in a hurry and lacks time to trace out each letter painstakingly.

Some school font variants look so serious, decent, or respectful; while others are really funny or even mocking from a reader. All of them are interesting each in its own way, and all of them can be used for multiple reasons and for displaying various texts.

Fonts2u online font repository is the place where you can not only discover, but download for free any school font you like. We offer dozens of them, so you may choose something special and different for every project you are working on.

Such school fonts as Fh_Faith and Teacher Sez produce a very vivid school-like feeling, because they look like they are written with chalk on the school board. The same impact is produced by UlusalOkul.Com Çizgili, SeyesBDL, or SchoolScriptDashed, because their characters are placed on the copybook pages. If a text is displayed with these typefaces, the attention of the readers is guaranteed.

Learning Curve, MamaeQueNosFaz, Ecolier_court and DuCahier 2 Cursive scolaire are very beautiful and calligraphic; thus, they can be used even in partially formal texts. Other school font variants that will beautify a text without being too unrestrained are Averen, Bayou, and Ashley.

Finally, school fonts that will surely amuse and cheer up the readers are Jayne Print Hand, Bored Schoolboy, fuchsiabuddha, and the list is not completed. Do not hesitate to discover our school font representatives – visit Fonts2u, because we know what school is about!