Script fonts

No matter how many various wonderful digital computer fonts are available today, people still are greatly fascinated by those that mimic the basement of typography – handwriting. This fact has obviously inspired font designers to create hundreds of such typefaces, which are commonly known today as script font variations.

For many people script fonts are the option to prefer if it is necessary to highlight the crucial points in the texts. Due to the efforts of professional font designers some script fonts look perfect to be used in formal texts. They are elegant, reserved, refined, and really beautiful.

On the other hand, there are some script font versions, which look quite casual, and thus can be used in multiple informal passages, giving them a really personal touch. They are neat, elegant, and even romantic, capable of making a text look beautiful and sensitive. These are good options for Valentine's cards, or less formal wedding invitations.

Finally, there are also script fonts with quirky, funny, and curved characters. They are usually a choice for informal texts. They are used not to just embellish a text, but to make it surprising, amusing, and actually, funny.

An immense number of script typefaces led to the unification of those that have some common features into various script font subcategories, which seems quite logical and wise. One of the best online font resources Fonts2u offers its visitors the most prominent of them, including brush, calligraphy, graffiti, trash, school and handwritten font subcategories.

Each of these script font collections contains multiple typefaces to offer something special to the most fastidious visitor. Those, who search for something refined, decent, and neat, will definitely find a font matching their requirements in the calligraphy subcategory (e.g. Adine Kirnberg Regular). Youngsters will, most probably, prefer our graffiti (e.g. Havok) or trash fonts (e.g. Denne Angel).

The truth is that irrespective of what script font you are looking for, the process is really fun with Fonts2u!