Techno fonts

Techno font can be defined as a typeface, the characters of which are designed in accordance with the particular style, which is usually associated with some technological field or process, e.g. mechanics, electronics, computer hardware, etc.

In design it is important to achieve a certain level of consistency between all the elements involved. Furthermore, the use of particular designing techniques and tools should reflect the overall idea of the particular project. Thus, working on a technology related projects (web sites, texts, logos), designers pay much attention to proper selection of such elements as images, colors, backgrounds, and, definitely, fonts. Professionally designed techno fonts can help a lot in expressing the core concept of the project and creating the appropriate atmosphere with the technologic feel.

Fonts2u, aiming to make online fonts searching and downloading experience as much user-friendly as possible, offers a rich and constantly growing techno font collection, consisting of over two thousands of cool and professionally designed techno fonts to date.

Font designers make use of different techniques to create technical feel of a particular techno font. Some of them make the letters resemble perforated characters, others – electronic circuits or even water pipes. At Fonts2u, one can also find a techno font, based on the particular font characteristics, such as font width or character map supported. Just use the integrated search option and select the parameters of the font you are looking for. With a couple of clicks you will get a refined list of fonts, meeting your criteria. Looking for the necessary techno fonts has never been easier before.

It is interesting to note, that Fonts2u aims at helping not only font hunters, but font developers as well. If you have a cool techno font of your own production, consider publishing it at our font repository. Millions of potential users are looking for online fonts daily, so why keeping your masterpiece in the drawer? Display it to the wide audience of Fonts2u and join the club of known techno font developers.