Top Fonts

It is a common practice for people to rate songs, films, or consumer goods basing on their popularity, quality, or some unique characteristics. With the development of desktop printing and rapid growth of digital fonts designing industry, top fonts ranking looks like a good idea to demonstrate the quintessence of typography and font design. Being an online font expert, Fonts2u introduces its own top font list. Being based exclusively on the users' ratings and feedbacks about the fonts, this top font listing aspires to become the most unbiased and honest fonts rating in the Internet.

It goes without saying that every top font should be worth of becoming a leader and a true etalon of font building. That is why only the most professionally made fonts are included into the list of top fonts at Fonts2u.

Of course, there is hardly such a thing as standard rule or manual, explaining how to build a top font. Obviously, a font designer has to utilize all his experience, passion, and aesthetic feel to build a real masterpiece of font design, which will draw the attention of the wide audience. Basically, when it goes about a top font, it is always about people's preferences and likes in font building and design.

In the list of top fonts, introduced at Fonts2u, you will be able to view the best fonts from the multiple categories and classifications. Just to name some examples, Triumph Rewind is a fancy top font, representing the family of distorted fonts. Walt Disney Script is the best illustration of cartoon top fonts. If you are looking for a calligraphy top font, have a look at the ValentinaJF. What is even more tempting about a font rating at Fonts2u is that everyone can easily become a member of jury – just share your impression of a particular font by awarding a corresponding number of stars, and your vote will be considered while building the list of font celebrities.