Trash fonts

In spite of its name, trash fonts are something that you would never delete from your computer once you download it and use at least in one project. On the contrary, trash font absolutely rocks; it makes a boring and dull text really live; it renders its idea in an unusual way – not with the help of the words meanings, but with their shape.

The best, most convenient and time-saving way to get free trash fonts is to visit one of the advanced online typefaces resources Fonts2u. We gathered here computer character sets belonging to different categories. Trash font is a part of script category. Our visitors can browse it in search of the appropriate typeface.

Karloff Regular and Ming Gothic Prima belong to the stylish and really cool trash fonts, which will turn a text into a masterpiece in quite a reserved and self-confident way. Double Scratch and XXII SCRATCH fonts have careless and slipshod style, which from the first sight assures that the readers will not have to deal with complicated and sophisticated scientific notions.

GANGLAND and Righteous Kill Condensed have something in common. They radiate rebellious spirit, infinity, and unlimitedness. Gangland has Gothic features. In fact, both typefaces are so great that it is hard to choose one.

VTC-SumiSlasherOneSkinnedRaw is an awesome trash font, which is available in different styles (Italic, regular, outlined) and widths. Thus, a user can choose whatever he likes best.

If it is uniqueness and authenticity you are keen about you should definitely check out a Morris line trash font, which resembles no other computer typeface.

On the other hand, if you know exactly what trash font parameters you would prefer for your project, you can use Fonts2u extended search, defining typeface's features in the corresponding windows (font width, weight, style, etc.). It would be the fastest way of searching a font among all those two hundreds we have at Fonts2u for download.