TrueType fonts

TrueType font technology is the result of collaboration of two giants of the computer science – Apple and Microsoft. They developed it hoping that this technology would become an integral part of both companies' operating systems. The main aim of TrueType appearance was to maintain the good look of the font typefaces while scaling/changing the font size. These days, the TrueType support, called TrueType Rasterizer, is usually integrated into all the Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

True Type Rasterizer is a computer program that reads the description files of the TrueType font and generates character bitmaps, understood by the graphics card and display device. It all enables the creation of the documents using TrueType fonts.

The operating systems of the early computers were based on bitmapped fonts, each designed in a particular size. Trying to change the intended or set size of a font resulted in the jagged appearance of the typefaces during display and printing. TrueType font became one more option (besides Adobe's Type 1 and PostScript) to make the characters outlines look smooth and beautiful even when resizing a font. Thus, TrueType fonts belong to the outline or scalable fonts – those, which are possible to resize without making them look jagged on any display device. The more resolution such device offers, the better TrueType font will look.

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