Unicode fonts

At the same time, even the Unicode Consortium agrees that the existence of a single Unicode font is impossible for the time being. Currently, Unicode standard includes more than 100,000 characters (while conventional computer font standards, based on some particular language, contain about 65,000 glyphs). Thus, creating a single Unicode font remains nowadays a very ambitious, but vaguely possible project.

Still, the work on updating the available Unicode fonts variety is continuously being done, resulting in the incorporation of characters previously omitted in the standard. Those glyphs, which presently miss in a particular font, are usually displayed with the help of substitute characters (e.g. question mark, box, etc.).

Nevertheless, the amount of OpenType and TrueType fonts, supporting Unicode standard, grows day by day. Such key fonts as Times New Roman and Arial were among the earliest ones ever converted into Unicode. But the very first one was Lucida Sans Unicode font, created in 1993.

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