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Character map - Basic Latin

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Basic font information

Copyright notice
© Copyright Joey E. 2005. All Rights Reserved.
Font family
Font subfamily
Unique subfamily identification
Derivia:Version 1.00
Full font name
Name table version
Version 1.00
Postscript font name
Based off the public domain font "Livia Medium" by S.G. Moye 1992. Revised kerning, glyphs, size, metrics, and other tweaking.

This font is NOT public domain. I kept the same style and changed many letters, perfected minor problems, and put a good deal of time into making more profesional than it was originally (i.e. there was about 7 lowercase letters).

Extended font information

Platforms supported

Platform Encoding
Unicode Unicode 1.0 semantics
Macintosh Roman
Microsoft Unicode BMP only

Font details

Revision: 1
Glyph count: 99
Units per Em: 2048
Embedding rights: Embedding for editing allowed
Family class: Freeform serifs
Weight: Semi-light
Width: Medium (normal)
Width type: Normal
Mac style: Bold
Direction: Only strongly left to right glyphs
Pattern nature: Regular
Posture: Upright
Stroke weight: Book, text, regular, etc.
Pitch: Not monospaced
Symbol set: Windows 3.1 ANSI