Hirarki Signature Italic Font

Hirarki Signature family consisting of 2 fonts
  • Accents (partial)
  • Euro
Hirarki Signature Italic.ttf
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Author's note

Hirarki Signature Italic, crafted by the talented Wildan Type, exudes a sophisticated elegance with its graceful strokes and natural flow. This calligraphy-inspired, signature style font effortlessly emulates the fluidity of handcrafted script. Each letter captures a sense of personal touch and refinement, ideal for adding a unique flair to any design.

The strikingly bold yet delicately curved characters make Hirarki Signature Italic perfect for personal branding, upscale invitations, or standout logos. Its luxurious vibe enhances wedding stationery, high-end product packaging, and stylish social media graphics. Embrace the artful charm of Hirarki Signature Italic to elevate your projects with a distinctive blend of modern sophistication and timeless class.

This font only for personal use.

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Character map

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Basic Latin - charmap

Basic font information

Font family
Hirarki Signature
Font subfamily
Unique subfamily identification
Version 1.00;August 19, 2021;FontCreator 64-bit;;HirarkiSignature-Italic;2020;FL801
Full font name
Hirarki Signature Italic
Name table version
Version 1.00;August 19, 2021;FontCreator 64-bit
Postscript font name

Extended font information

Platforms supported

UnicodeUnicode 2.0 and onwards semantics, Unicode BMP only.
MicrosoftUnicode BMP only

Font details

Glyph count275
Units per Em1000
Embedding rightsEmbedding for permanent installation
Family classScripts
WidthMedium (normal)
Mac styleUnderline
DirectionOnly strongly left to right glyphs + contains neutrals
Pattern natureItalic
PitchNot monospaced
Complete pack contains 2 font weights listed below:
Hirarki Signature Italic.ttf
Hirarki Signature.ttf
Hirarki Signature Website TrueTypePersonal use
  • Accents (partial)
  • Euro
Hirarki Signature.ttf