Kaushan Script Font

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Basic font information

Copyright notice
Copyright (c) 2011, Pablo Impallari (www.impallari.com|impallari@gmail.com),
Copyright (c) 2011, Igino Marini. (www.ikern.com|mail@iginomarini.com),
with Reserved Font Name Kaushan Script.
Font family
Kaushan Script
Font subfamily
Unique subfamily identification
PabloImpallari: Kaushan Script: 2011
Full font name
Kaushan Script
Name table version
Version 1.002
Postscript font name
Trademark notice
Kaushan Script is a trademark of Pablo Impallari.
Manufacturer name
Kaushan Script feels like writing quickly with an inked brush.

When making digital typefaces, the more you refine the shapes of the letters, the more energy you take away from them. Because of that, Kaushan is unrefined - and carries a lot of energy.

By avoiding typographical perfection, it stays more natural. The angles of the vertical strokes vary a little, and the positioning along the baseline jumps around, giving it a more rustic and natural feeling.

Most script fonts have long ascenders and descenders, and this means they look too small when used at normal sizes on the web. This font it's optimized in the technical details to be very readable as a web font, even when used as small as at 16 pixels.

It was funded by people like you, via Kickstarter.
Special thanks to the project backers! They are all listed on the website: http://www.impallari.com/kaushan

Extended font information

Platforms supported

UnicodeUnicode 2.0 and onwards semantics, Unicode BMP only.
MicrosoftUnicode BMP only

Font details

Glyph count394
Units per Em1000
Embedding rightsEmbedding for permanent installation
Family classScripts
WeightMedium (normal)
WidthMedium (normal)
Mac styleBold
DirectionOnly strongly left to right glyphs + contains neutrals
Pattern natureItalic
PitchNot monospaced