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Author's note

TIPI is my very early attempt to create a techno typeface by using a grid. But somehow the result called TIPI ELECTRIC didn't really look technoid, but had a rather decorative and ethnic appearance. This kind of paradox lead to the variations TIPI ARCHAIC & TIPI ORGANIC to take this impression a bit further. (The name TIPI is just a hint in the ethnical direction, while not explicit referring to north american natives and their tents. After all, it's just a pretty short name, that looks good to me set in this typeface.)

TIPI is using equal metrics from Plain to Inline and therefore can be used as a layer font, e.g. to give the inlines a different colour. (Exeption: TIPI ELECTRIC DISPLAY has no layerfunction.)

I designed TIPI in 1998. Actually, I had an ambivalent relation to the result and didn't even think of releasing it in any way. In consequence it disappeared in a long row of CD ROM backups which I reviewed recently because I realized that these old backups like to become unreadable over the years. So, what you get here is a type design shown to the world about 20 years after its creation now, maybe someone has an idea where to apply such an unique typeface?

Thomas Mettendorf

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Basic font information

Copyright notice
Copyright (c) 1998-2017 by Schmalfett. All rights reserved.
Font family
Tipi Organic
Font subfamily
Unique subfamily identification
pyrs: Tipi Organic: 2017
Full font name
Tipi Organic
Name table version
Version 1.00 2017
Postscript font name
Trademark notice
Tipi is a trademark of Schmalfett.
Manufacturer name
Tipi Organic is a font by Schmalfett, designed by Thomas Mettendorf in 1998.

Extended font information

Platforms supported

Platform Encoding
Unicode Unicode 2.0 and onwards semantics, Unicode BMP only.
Macintosh Roman
Microsoft Unicode BMP only

Font details

Created: 2017-06-12
Revision: 1
Glyph count: 189
Units per Em: 1000
Embedding rights: Embedding for preview & printing allowed
Family class: No classification
Weight: Semi-bold
Width: Expanded
Mac style: Bold
Direction: Only strongly left to right glyphs + contains neutrals
Pattern nature: Regular
Complete pack contains 10 font weights listed below:
Tipi Electric Inline OpenTypePersonal use
Tipi Slanted Electric Inline OpenTypePersonal use
Tipi Archaic Inline OpenTypePersonal use
Tipi Archaic OpenTypePersonal use
Tipi Electric Display OpenTypePersonal use
Accents (partial) • Euro
Tipi Organic Inline OpenTypePersonal use
Tipi Electric OpenTypePersonal use
Tipi Slanted Electric OpenTypePersonal use