VTC-KomikaHandOne Font

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Basic font information

Copyright notice
Copyright © 2010, WolfBainx - Larry E. Yerkes , Vigilante Typeface Corporation and Associates
All rights reserved.
Font family
Font subfamily
Unique subfamily identification
WolfBainx-LarryE.Yerkes-VigilanteTypefaceCorporationandAssociates: VTC-KomikaHandOne: 2010
Full font name
Name table version
Version 1.001 2010
Postscript font name
Trademark notice
VTC-KomikaHandOne is a trademark of WolfBainx - Larry E. Yerkes - Vigilante Typeface Corporation and Associates .
Manufacturer name
Copyright © 2010, WolfBainx - Larry E. Yerkes,
Vigilante Typeface Corporation and Associates
All rights reserved.

This font should not be distributed without a License and is not to be modified in any way by use of font software.
Feel free to photoshop away and modify the look any way you wish. All I ask is that you not modify the actual font "Code" Itself.
This Font is provided free for personal non-commercial use and not to be used for commercial purposes without permission of the copyright holder or by purchasing those rights from the copyright holder.
Email: Abrasiveart@gmail.com for any questions or to purchase the rights to use this font in a commercial venture.
Feel free to Use this font any non commercial way you wish!
By non-commercial I mean if you are not going to make a ton of money off of my typeface feel free to use it as you wish.
If I start seeing it on tshirts in the mall without my permission,expect a call or me showing up at your door.haha.
If you want to use this typeface on shirts,hats,cups,stickers, etc...all I ask is I'm given proper credit for the font design
and I love to recieve gifts of what my typeface is being used for so feel free to contact me anytime about showing me how
my fonts are being used!
I wear a 4XLT if you want to send me a shirt! haha!
best regards
Larry E Yerkes

The following are my websites currently where I can be reached.
http://www.myspace.com/wolfbainx - http://wolfbainx.deviantart.com/ - http://www.facebook.com/wolfbainx

Extended font information

Platforms supported

MicrosoftUnicode BMP only
UnicodeUnicode 2.0 and onwards semantics, Unicode BMP only.

Font details

Glyph count223
Units per Em1000
Embedding rightsEmbedding for permanent installation
Family classScripts
WidthMedium (normal)
Mac styleBold
DirectionOnly strongly left to right glyphs + contains neutrals
Pattern natureRegular
PitchNot monospaced